October 23, 2011

Pinterest Challenge Update: Christina: 2; Spray Paint: 0

I've got a new obsession, can I get a what-what!! (Insert Maya Rudolph as Whitney Houston voice here.) Yeah, it's spray paint. I can't stop myself. I see something, and I just want to spray paint it. It's like putting a bird on it, only better.

How does this relate to the Pinterest Challenge? Well, I completed one of the items! Woohoo!

I spray painted some Izze soda bottles.

I used Rustoleum's Aqua spray paint with a Satin finish. There is some crackling where it was probably too cold out and I was impatient, but otherwise they are going to make great table decorations for a baby shower I'm helping to decorate. I will either make some tissue paper flowers or buy some fake stuff from the Dollar Store. Either way, Challenge #1 completed. Two more to go.

While I was at it, I decided to get my spray paint on with something else. I bought two hideously ugly framed flower photos from the Salvation Army.

See the potential? I did. Unfortunately, the "artwork" was attached to the matte, so I had some cutting to do.

Then I got my spray painting on!!!!

I painted the frame black, and the matte white. Remember this artwork we picked up for Clara's room?

Ah. Much better.

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