October 29, 2011

Ooooh, Shiny!

So I had a list of projects to do this weekend. A HUGE LIST! But so far, I've done none of them. I did clean my bathroom... and in the process of that, I decided we needed to paint. This is the bathroom in question:

The problem is that we have a bit of a mildew issue. And, with the baby in the bathtub pretty frequently, I get more freaked out than I normally would about a little mildew.

The previous owners painted this a pretty harmless eggshell-ish color, and unfortunately they used a flat finish. Flat finishes are more porous, and absorb water more than glossy finishes. So, we've got a slight problem there. It can easily be corrected by first using a glossier finish and asking my friends at Aubuchon to mix in a packet of mildew killer. Not to mention... BORING. A shower curtain only does so much. We're grown-ups now. Let's upgrade this shit. Here's what I made on Pinterest:

So? What do you think? Love it? Hate it? I'd like to add a little decorative shelf to bring more color and accessories in. Bathrooms can get so utility. Neale was insistent that we use a light color, and he's got a point. I think the greenish-gray color plus the mostly white shower curtain will really keep the room light and airy. Anyway, here's the source list:

1. Benjamin Moore Hampton Green
2. DwellStudio for Target Shower Curtain, $22
3. West Elm Bathmat, $24
4. Creative Juniper Toothbrush Holder, $12
5. Typography Poster from Colorbee on Etsy, $18

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