September 8, 2011

Trust Sleepy's... to Ruin Your Life (Updated)

As promised, here is the story of our Sleepy's mattress nightmare. I spare no detail.

We were ridiculously excited to upgrade to a king-size bed. The dream began years ago when we stayed in a hotel with a king-size bed. We fell in love with the fact that we did not know the other person existed at night. Amazing.

After saving for about 6 months, we went to our local Sleepy's store and picked out a mattress and frame. We don't like box springs. Our previous queen bed was a high-end everyday sleeper futon mattress on a platform frame, so we went with the platform frame again.

Big mistake. Huge.

Within a week, 3 of the 4 support posts (about 5 inch posts going down the center of the frame) just plopped off the bed. It was about 3am when I heard two of them go, and 7am when the 3rd one fell and I sprung out of bed, terrified that it would collapse.

Oh, right: I was 38.5 weeks pregnant.

I called Sleepy's, who wouldn't be able to make it back to our house for 4 days. Then I called our friends Matt & Kristy, to see if they could help lift the bed and possibly screw the support posts back in. Matt checked it out and determined that the screws were stripped. Awesome.

I gave birth on a Friday and Sleepy's came on Saturday. They couldn't fix it, and said it was a warranty issue. I called corporate the next Thursday, and they put a credit on my account for the cost of the platform frame and told me to go to a showroom to pick out another.

We did this with our week old baby in tow. The salesperson on the floor told me that there was no credit on my account, and I'd need to call corporate again. And then he tried to charge me for re-delivery.

Mind you, I was about a week postpartum... so I lost it. I started by firmly stating that I would not be making another call to corporate, and this salesperson needed to fix it. Now.

The super awesome salesperson balked, and said there was nothing he could do. He told me it wasn't his department, he's just the messenger, etc. etc. All of the things you don't say to someone with steam coming out of their ears.

By the point where my voice was shaking with tears, Neale stepped in to try to rationally discuss with the salesperson why he should be trying his hardest to help us. The salesperson then walked away from Neale to help a new customer, writing him off.

Not OK. At all.

So we both started yelling, using some profanity. We were mad, and insulted. He told us we were setting a bad example for our kid, and we started swearing louder. I managed to convince Neale to leave with me, and we got in the car, furious. I was slightly embarrassed, as I'm not one to make a scene. But this was unbelievable.

I called corporate AGAIN, and was told the credit indeed existed, and delivery charges would of course be waved. I immediately wrote a letter to corporate complaining about the salesperson from hell.

So I called a different showroom. New salesperson: rocked. He responded to my calls quickly, and put our new order through ASAP.

And the new bed arrived! I was so excited. It was quite nice and we received a significant discount for our troubles. It was another platform frame, this time with a headboard.

Another mistake, unfortunately. Same problem, except only one of the support posts were faulty.

In the meantime, we received two free pillows (about a $60 value) for our troubles with the salesperson. Wheee.

Another call to corporate. More discounted stuff. And now, we have a mattress, box spring and frame.

I hate it. I hate the profile, and I especially hate that I need a bed skirt now. It's a little softer than we like because of the box spring, and the whole experience was awful, as you can see. A little Googling told me that the previous platform frames we bought ran much cheaper at other retailers.

And that's why I'm never shopping for furniture at a national chain ever, ever, ever again.


I tweeted about this blog post, and, well...


  1. Setting a bad example for your 1 week old? HAHAHAHAHA.

    This reminds me that I need to finish and post my Sprint and Verizon horror stories. Yes, both of them. From the SAME WEEK.

  2. RIGHT?! Our tiny sleeping, newborn baby heard all of our curse words and is ruined. RUINED!

  3. I hate bedskirts too. I put a matching fitted sheet over the box spring to make it blend in, and skip the skirt. If your quilt/comforter is big enough, you don't even see it when the bed is made.


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