September 10, 2011

Clara's Room, Part Whatever

I'm pleased to report that this is one of the few "finished" rooms in the house! I don't think her room will ever really be totally done, but I'm quite pleased with it right now, and only have small changes I want to make.

First, feast your eyes on the re-arranging.

I moved the bookcase to the opposite wall, and brought in a recliner and side table. The bookcase is home to a few of our favorite stuffed animals, and the new lamp (from Marshall's, $20). And, party people: A RUG EXISTS. Found at the TJ Maxx in Burlington, VT.

The recliner and side table currently live in the "nook," which right now is the feeding nook, but will eventually be the book nook. It's where we'll read to her before bed, basically, but in my brain, it needs a name.

The recliner doesn't exactly jive with my decor, but it's insanely comfortable and I slept there for the first 3 weeks or so of Clara's life. Nothing a blanket or throw can't adjust. The side table needs a fresh coat of paint-- it will be white, someday.

The crib! I cleared it out of stuffed animals and blankets so Clara could start sleeping in it. (Random parenting side note: she transitioned from the basinette in our room with no problems). The Sleep Sheep is a godsend.

Here are some favorite artistic details. The first is a hand-made cat stuffed animal that my friend Becca crafted. We love it.

The second is a drawing on canvas that Neale bought at the Farmer's Market in Burlington. (I'd love to see Greenfield's Farmer's Market have that many artists!) Anyway, it reminded us of Wilbur:

It still needs to be framed.

And here's the other side of the room:

Wall art, people. I need some.

Before I sign off, here's a random baby clothes organizational tip: keep the clothes that are too big washed and ready to roll in a plastic bin in the baby's room. That way you can quickly grab bigger stuff as you need it. On the same token, keep a box or large bag nearby to toss stuff that's too small. I actually have 2 large bags- one for stuff to give to friends, and the other for stuff I want to keep. Keeps her drawers uncluttered.

More to come!

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