August 4, 2011


One of the glaring missing items from Clara's room is a mobile over the changing table. At first I didn't care because she couldn't really see anything more than shapes and shades of gray for a few weeks, but now, that's changed.

She's looking at stuff, big time, and I want to make sure she's stimulated when I change her. She is one of those babies who doesn't mind being changed, and I want to make sure it stays that way.

Option 1 was to find a branch outside, dry it out, shellac it and then hang it up over the dresser. Step 4534 would be to hang sweet paper birds from it.

Who the hell has time for that? Not this girl.

So, I found one on Amazon. It's all eco-friendly, sure, but I just liked it for the colors, design and chunkiness of the wood pieces:

It's the Sevi "Happy Splash" Mobile, and yes, I paid $37 for it. I like to think of the time I'm saving. Pictures to follow when it's here and hanging.

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  1. Really cute! And $37 for a happy content baby while you're changing her? What a bargain!


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