August 3, 2011

Distraction Techniques

It totally worked, right? 

I have 19 days left of maternity leave (who's counting?) to cram in a bunch of projects.

Here is the "ABSOLUTELY, must do this" List:

1. Clean and organize the catio. The space right now is a mess. In my vision, it will be a craft/exercise space. 

2. Repaint a small side table. This going to be in Clara's room, along with a comfy chair for reading books when she's a little bit older. It used to be hold Neale's turn table and receiver, but he's found other furniture for that.

Here is the "Whoa, where did you get all that time" List:

1. Paint the catio. A huge undertaking. Because the wood on the walls is dark, it needs to be primed. 

2. Add curtains. I actually have some that might work and block some of the cold in the winter (it's not an insulated room). 

Excuse me while I change some diapers. Or something.

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