August 9, 2011

Clara's Room Update

So! With the purchase and installation of the changing table mobile, I thought I'd take a minute to update you on what Clara's room looks like these days now that I have the baby that goes in it.

First things first: the mobile. I'm ridiculously pleased with it. It's very charming and just what I was looking for. Bonus-- it has a little wind chime. Perfect for my alert kid.

It seemed short because we have high ceilings; nothing that a little fishing wire couldn't fix. However, because of the weight of the mobile (it is made of wood, after all), and that the manufacturer warned that I shouldn't add extra string for hanging, I didn't hang it directly over where Clara's head is. On the off-chance it falls, it will hit the diaper pail.

Here it is:

Here's a close-up of the cuteness:

And from Clara's viewpoint:

And finally, from the door way:

Another dark, dreary afternoon in Western Massachusetts. Surprise, surprise.

The other side of her room looks like this now:

We added the very cool mobile (a gift from Neale's parents) to the crib. The bright colors just blended right in. The curtain on the door to the upstairs patio I made by purchasing some fabric and a roll of Heat n' Bond tape. I love that stuff. Good readers of this blog: I do not know how to use a sewing machine. I purchased an extra yard and sent that to my mother, who is a gifted seamstress, and she followed this pattern to make the changing pad cover you see in the photos above.

The stuff on the floor: Well, there's her bath tub, because our bathroom is too tiny to contain it; her vibrating lounger (we've dubbed it "the shaky jungle"); a box of diapers; and a trash can. That's what a real baby's room looks like.

WAIT! I am totally lying. Here's my dirty secret:

Yeah. The top bin contains non-maternity clothes, and the bottom two bins are filled with baby clothes. Add to that the bags of clothes that don't fit her, separated by save/consign/give to friends. I'm working my way through my non-maternity clothes and slowly re-creating my wardrobe, because WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY BODY.

Anyway. Clara is in the midst of an epic nap, so perhaps I should take this opportunity to go work on that clutter. Or watch Intervention. I'll flip a coin.


  1. a thought for hanging the mobile is that you might you could hang it lower by creating two of three anchor points from which to hang it. That will distribute the weight a bit better and ensure no tragedies!! LOVE the paint color!

  2. Very clever, Anne! I did consider that as a back-up plan, but the hook in the ceiling is sturdier than I thought it would be. The current height is perfect-- I can reach up and tickle the chimes, but she won't be able to reach it... ever, really.


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