April 24, 2011

Fairy Godmothers Aid Baby's Room Progress. Film at 11.

This is a really long post with a lot of pictures. Fair warning.

Last week, Neale did a ton of work. He moved about 500lbs (or more) of records, beds, bookshelves and other furniture to get the baby's room emptied and ready for paint and decorating. Here's a few shots of what it looked like before he moved everything out.

Yeah. It was bad. I kept the door shut most of the time because I could not look at the piles of shit without getting upset.

(Oh, and FYI, I'm totally doing that photography trick where you use your cellphone to take grainy, poorly lit before photos, and my fancy camera to take beautiful after pictures.)

BUT! It was emptied out, except for two big boxes (crib and dresser). And then my dearest friends descended upon it.

I mean that. At 10:30 on Saturday, my friends wore their grubbiest clothes and I made some snacks so we could paint and decorate. To quote Tina Fey, "Bitches get stuff done."

Here's a process picture.

That's Kristen in the lower left corner, my edger-extraordinaire. Nicole is by the window touching up. Missing is Dani, the roller queen. The previous evening, Dani and Nicole (who preferred to be called Fairy God Cheerleaders) led the dresser-assembly.

For the paint color, I had already decided upon Benjamin Moore's Kendall Charcoal (flat finish, no VOC version) and oddly, it was the exact shade of gray that Kristy (my personal interior decorator) grabbed at Aubuchon. Because we share the same mind.

Sidenote: My friends are definitely amazing, but let me also give myself props for helping to assemble furniture and paint and decorate and tidy. Because I am almost 8 months pregnant and I fucking deserve it. And I couldn't walk straight that evening.

SO. Because I haven't bought all of the furniture yet, (still looking for a stationary reading chair and rug; need to purchase the shelving unit and fabric drawers, and also need to re-paint the side table for the reading char)  I am giving you the glimpses of what was accomplished in ONE DAY.

DRUMROLL! ANGELS SIGHING! (I love this room!) Here's the crib corner.

I took the photos in completely natural light so you could see what the paint color does. And this afternoon was a bit dreary, so you are getting a true-to-life depiction.

The crib is Graco Lauren; paper lanterns are from Paper Lantern Store; bird/branch decal is from Glass House Couture on Etsy. Pink blankets are hand-made from my mother-in-law's friend, green quilt is a family heirloom saved and used by Neale's late grandmother.

Window sheers are from Wal-Mart, curtain tie backs are from Urban Outfitters.

Because I shopped through Etsy, I was able to choose the colors for the decal.

This is Jane, our baby's first stuffed animal. from Grandma & Grandpa.

Kristy used fishing wire to assemble the 8" paper lanterns. When the baby is older, we will shorten the wire.

Do not ask Kristy about the stubbornness of the window molding, and how she's never hammered so hard in her life. OH BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Here is the dresser/changing area.

Metal hooks are from Urban Outfitters, dresser is by BabyMod, mirror is from Wal-Mart, pink storage bin is from Babies R Us (gift from my sister). Silhouette of Neale is described here.

Sweet bathrobe was a hand-me-down from Kristen's son Jack.

Tiny cute baby things.

Wardrobe furnished by my sister's and friend's generosity.

And there is one last area that got a little bit of love-- the reading nook, as I'm calling it.

I made the fabric banners for our house warming party last summer out of fat quarters, felt, and leftover ribbon from our wedding (!), if you can believe that I saved ribbon for so long. Kristy agreed that they should be used to add more colors to the room, and came up with the very cool way to hang them using 3 push pins.

So that's it for now! More to come as the rest of the room is put together. Let me know what you think!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! Can we see some photos with glorious light streaming into the windows? Oh wait. It's spring in New England, that might have to wait.

  2. Also? I'd please like the images to be bigger? Can you choose 'large' or 'x-large' for image sizes on future posts?

  3. Aren't you glad we went ahead and put the knobs on?

  4. It looks so great! Nice job everybody!!!

  5. Maggie-- clicking on any picture will make it bigger. Stylistically speaking, I don't like to use big photos in posts.

    Dani-- yes. I guess so. (I think I'm just being stubborn.)

    Thank you Matthew and Rebecca!

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    The Cutest Blog On The Block team

  7. hi, first time visitor here. this is really adorable. i love the lanterns most of all. i may snag that idea if i have a little girl one day. my son is 13 months.

    happy sunday,


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