March 23, 2011

More Decor.

Yes, the room is still in shambles. No, I can't help myself from buying things. But in mid-April, I will have pictures of an actual room! I've found every single piece of furniture I want to put in the room, but actually purchasing it will be a slower process. I'm hoping to have this completely done in the fall.

And the floor plan is done, too. I will scan it and share it.

Here are two more items for the baby's room:

Flowers & Strips Baby Mobile

This beautiful mobile from Etsy will hang over the changing table/dresser. I love that it's using the colors I plan on using (light pink and light yellow) and it's against a dark background, so I could easily envision it against the charcoal walls of the baby's room.

Yes, we're painting the room charcoal gray. It will work. Trust me!

The second find is this little guy:

Rattan Elephant Hamper

OMG you guys, it's an elephant hamper. I can't remember where I originally spotted this-- I want to say it was on Project Nursery. I'm drawn towards more grown-up/functional stuff, and I think this brings in a little bit of childish-ness to the room. And once it can no longer fit tiny baby clothes, it can convert to toy or blanket storage.

More to come!

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