March 24, 2011

15 Minutes and Some Inspiration

I discovered a new blog recently that's right up my alley-- homemade ginger. Not only do I just love ginger (the root) in general, but I love her style and I'm quite envious of her sewing abilities.

ANYWAY. I stumbled upon her silhouette tutorial, and it sparked my brain.

Neale's mom keeps the coolest stuff that her kids have made. One of those items is an 11 x 17 silhouette of Neale he made in elementary school (remember that project?) and I absolutely went bananas over how cool it was that a.) she kept it and b.) it was perfect. One day several months later, she came to visit and gave it to me to keep. I promised to put it in the baby's room, because I thought it was a sweet idea. Here's the actual piece his mom gave me that I've been hanging on to for months:

You guys have no idea how difficult it was to take this picture with minimal reflection. Pretty sweet, right? The chin has not changed. Nor has the unruly hair. But, up close it had a few blemishes I wasn't in love with. Mostly glue residue.

So, I thought that I could take a razor, trim around the edges and any "holes" (from Mr. Curly Hair) and mount it on new paper. The most exciting part of this project is that I had all of the needed materials readily available (razor, cardboard to protect the table, double sided tape, decorative paper).

But, when I started trimming, I realized that the black construction paper was coming apart from the kraft paper, thanks to 20 year old glue. Instead of trimming and potentially ruining the edges, I could just carefully peel away the kraft paper from the construction paper.

So I did that instead. I was still left with some stubborn kraft paper on the back of the silhouette itself, but it doesn't matter because... hey. It's the back. No one will see it.

Once this was done, I trimmed my paper using the razor and the back of the frame as my guide. Then I mounted the paper to the frame back with double-sided scrap-booking tape.

Once this was mounted to the frame back, I trimmed the edges a teeny bit more because I'm a perfectionist like that. Then, I mounted the silhouette to the paper.

I started with just one piece of tape to get it positioned properly. I had to be careful because the black dot pattern made it look like Neale had a huge booger coming out of his nose. So once I found the sweet spot I added a few more pieces of tape.

Before I mounted the glass piece back on the frame, I realized that some of those blemishes I didn't like were just due to dirty glass. So I cleaned the glass, front and back, and stacked the pieces together to put the clips back on.

FYI- Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Geranium window cleaner is what I imagine heaven smells like. So, drumroll, please-- here is the final product:

I can't wait to show Neale's mom-- I think she'll love it. I'm happy that I happened to have paper that will coordinate with the palette of the baby's room. Plus, this whole piece just screams love now--from Dad, Grandma and Mom. 

The decorative paper is from Essentials in Northampton.


  1. That looks fantastic! Using the scrapbook paper gives it a really cool vintage yet modern vibe.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through the Picket Fence blog site. What a great project! I think I have one of these silhouettes somewhere from my childhood. I never thought about how cool it would look with a patterned background. Great idea!

  3. Thanks trimblehouse! I had one, too (didn't we all?) but my mom wasn't such a saver. :)


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