February 23, 2011

Painting, part 1

It's finally starting-- the process of rearranging and painting the upstairs rooms. We figure that based around our work and time off schedules that we should be done by mid-May, just in time for my baby shower.

So-- this weekend, Neale cleared out the upstairs "big room" (what will be our bedroom)-- see here-- and we prepped it for painting. Taping, spackling, sanding. This room was kind of a pain to tape, because of the "entry-way" in the middle of the room. It's what gives it a sort of grand, master bedroom feel, but is also hugely annoying.

Anyway, we're working off of a different schedule than what we originally planned to accommodate Neale's school vacation.

Kristy helped me pick out just the right color. Having an idea of what you want, or some sort of inspiration is really the best thing ever. I took a tiny (1 inch) piece of the curtains for the room, which are a shiny gold-ish brown color. Then we held it up against what felt like a million different swatches. I thought I wanted some sort of greenish-bluish-gray... but we left with Benjamin Moore Cinnamon Slate (the Natura no VOC-no odor kind, of course). It's an interesting brownish-purple-grayish. Without that swatch, I would have been completely lost.

Here it is, literally dripping wet-- excuse the poor quality, I snapped this on my way to work.

I was a bit nervous. This looks a lot more grape than cinnamon, no? All of the window shades were wide open, too-- so full natural light.

When I came home last night, I was in charge of touch-ups (coat 2, really). I have to say that this paint literally had no offensive odor. There was a slight smell, maybe what you'd expect from using acrylic paints, but I wasn't throwing my head out the window every 5 minutes. It's worth the extra money so this pregnant lady can help out. It took me about an hour to finish, and here is the finished product, taken this morning, in a typical natural light scenario for us.

This is much truer to the paint chip, and much more cinnamon than grape, for sure. Thank goodness. The curtains aren't up yet, but I can tell you that it's very dramatic and inviting even without those.

The paint itself is super, super thick. We didn't use a primer, but two coats is absolutely necessary.

In a couple of weeks, our new bed will arrive and I'll share the room arrangement with you. Before that, though, check out this paint color John & Sherry at Young House Love just used in their guest room. (It's a color-matched version of Plumage by Martha Stewart).

So pretty. I have to find a room to use this in!


  1. Love the cinnamon. Maybe you should name the baby Cinnamon.

  2. I like the color it looks very nice!


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