January 30, 2011

Progress. Not really.

So. We bought a crib. The end.

That's it. Really. We just found out that we are indeed having a girl, which is all sorts of exciting (clothes! cute girly things!) and terrifying (boys! talking about changing bodies!). I'm now on a baby clothes buying ban, courtesy of Neale. It's for the best, really, but I'm sure the awesome consignment store in Greenfield (The Monkey Tree) will miss me. And my debit card.

We are close to buying a new bed, which will then trigger a crazy room swap. This will leave the baby's room empty and ready to be painted, but we'll also be painting our bedroom.

Our bedroom will be the room with the one crazy accent wall that I "fixed" this summer. Seen here:

We've agreed that we like the guest bathroom wall color so much, that we'll use it in here, too. I'm thinking that our new duvet cover should be sort of a mustard/gray/white combo.

Eventually: light fixtures. See the two random hanging things? One of them works, one of them doesn't. I've never swapped out a light fixture before, so we may have to call in the calvary. Volunteers?


  1. Even Mr. Man doesn't mess around with electric.

    Hire a professional.


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