December 2, 2010

Oh Hey!

I do exist, I swear! I'm currently curled up in a ball, straddling a line between uncomfortable burping and all out puking.

And it would appear we're going to be doing some rearranging, since the reason for this onset of blergh! is a baby-- our baby. The one we are having in June.

So, the guest room/office will become our bedroom, our bedroom will become a workspace/guest room, and Neale's office will become... the baby's room.

February is when we plan the big overhaul, when Neale has a week off from school. There will be lots of painting, furniture moving, swearing, and arguing. And I'll take pictures. And possibly cry.

So thanks for bearing with me-- I hope to be out of the woods in a couple of weeks.


  1. Congratulations, Christina! What wonderful news!!!

  2. Yay! Congrats again and again - and your house looks AWESOME. very jealous


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