December 10, 2010

Baby's Room Questions: Answered.

I've been getting lots of questions re: "OMG?! HOW WILL YOU DESIGN THE NURSERY?!"

Let's start at the beginning. First, we don't call it a nursery. It brings to mind an image of a row of cows getting their udders pumped. So let's call it the baby's room.

Here's the room in question:

We call it the bird room, because the previous owners put up that sweet bird decal. What you can't see, immediately to the right, is a small closet and little bump-out alcove.  And you know what? This room looks EXACTLY the same as when we moved in. No change, except for a wooden desk I found on the side of the road that no one will let me paint and poly because FUMES! BAD! NO FUMAR! (Ed. note: whatever.)

First things first: we'll be painting. Sadly, we'll probably get rid of the vinyl birds. If I can salvage them after painting (which is possible), then I'll put them back up, because I love them! I have a paint scheme in mind, one for a girl and one for a boy. However, almost all of the walls will be the same color, with the exception of the wall inside the alcove, which will be the "gender role" wall. More on that when I can get Neale to agree with my scheme.

For furniture...

  • If the crib fits, it will tuck into the alcove. A friend recommended this crib, which we're going with:

  • While at IKEA, we'll probably look for some kid-friendly storage units for toys and such. 
  • Neale's parents awesomely found a (free!) wooden storage unit which will be our upstairs changing table. Neale's dad is currently sanding it; as soon as I pick out paint and hardware I'll show it off.  
  • We're also in the market for a glider with an ottoman, so let me know if you have any favorites.
  • RUGS! I hate buying rugs now, but we'll need at least a 5x7 for the tiny one's room. 
  • I'll probably acquire artwork slowly, and also incorporate some prints and artwork that haven't found a home yet. A while back I did a series of monochromatic paintings of Rufus, and I wouldn't be shocked if at least one ended up on the walls. 

And that's it. Anything I'm missing? Let me know!


  1. I love picking out rugs. Once you figure out the colors, I'll help.

  2. Can't wait to hear about your color schemes!

    and yes, I agree: "no fumar" while pregnant :)


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