November 2, 2010

My First Halloween as a Grown-up.

Neale and I have been excited about Halloween since we moved in. Through our 7 years of living together, we've never lived in a place with trick or treaters on Halloween, and it's always bummed us out.

I raced home from a friend's house at 5:30. Neale had turned the light on, put the candle bowl by the door, and was waiting anxiously. Around 6:15, we spotted a large group of kids approaching with flashlights. At this point, WE WERE FREAKING OUT. I lit the Jack-o-Lanterns that Neale, his dad and brother had carved the day before. I kept yelling at Neale to turn the TV down-- I didn't want the children to confuse Alien vs. Predator for some kind of haunted house.

The first small group arrived, and they gingerly took one candy each. Neale and I sort of looked at each other, like, "REALLY?!" We decided to give out fistfuls (based on our candy buying)-- we were determined to be the "cool" house that never gets egged or TP'd out of reverence for our candy generosity.

In total, we got about 50 visitors. Not too shabby. We also noticed a few people parked at the end of our street (presumably to bring kids to our neighborhood), which made us feel like we chose a good place to live.

And man, does this story really fizzle out. Because that's it. That's all I've got. We turned the lights out at 8:45 (I waited until every other light was out on the street-- I'm competitive like that) and then cracked open the bag of Reese's Lovers which I had hidden under the ButterFingers and Nestle's Crunch bars. And then I proceeded to eat 5 Reese's Sticks. The End. Happy Halloween!

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