November 3, 2010

A Living Room Before + After

Let's be real: I just want to show you my awesome new chairs. But it is a bit different than when we moved in.

Here's some before...
Circa July 2010

So-- we didn't want to repaint. We like the color. But we wanted more places to sit and a rug. So... here's what we came up with:

Oh boy! Let's talk about what we did here. We moved the couch to the opposite wall. This created a better angle in front of the TV and allowed us to create a nook without blocking the entryways too much. We added an eggplant rug (!). Now I don' think it's the one, but it's going to work. The best part? $34 at Home Depot. For reals.

I bought those two gold wing-back chairs from Craigslist for $100. $100!!! More on those in a minute.

I put the lamp on the other side of the TV. This gave us better access to the outlet on the baseboard, and also puts the light closer to a natural entry. We have a piece of artwork Neale picked up in the Netherlands that we'll put on the right-hand side wall.

Blah blah blah. Let's discuss these chairs.

So awesome. Perfect condition.
That cute little blue suitcase thingy is a hand-me-down camera case from an in-law. I use it for my yarn/crochet needles. The eggplant throw pillow is from World Market.

No smells, even!

A close up the fabric. It is that awesome.
So I saw these one minute, showed Neale the pictures the next minute, shot off an email and in 24 hours, we owned them. The owners had purchased them from an estate sale from her daughter, which she only used for a few months. They had lived covered in her garage for months, and she wanted the space for her car. She was almost reluctant to let them leave her possession-- I could tell-- and this made me value them even more.

Next up for this room: artwork and curtains!


  1. The chairs still thrill me. and those blinds behind them! nicely done, Gays. nicely done.


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