October 26, 2010

Updates + Pressing Questions

It occurred to me that it's been some time since I've posted! Let me update you:
  • I finally used my new vacuum. It is pretty amazing and makes me want to vacuum everyday, except that I don't. 
  • The bathroom re-do went over pretty well with Neale. He isn't in love with the chalkboard decal, but to be perfectly honest, I don't really care. Because I love it. So there. We had a week-long disagreement about it via chalkboard.
  • I have done very little in regards to other projects, although I am very close to finishing the laundry room re-do. That will be posted shortly. Just a few more things to hang.
  •  Our first Halloween in a neighborhood with kids is less than a week away, and WE CAN'T WAIT.
Now, I have two very important questions that need to be answered. Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

1. Where do you put your litter box? Our cat's box is currently in the downstairs bathroom, but I'm not a fan. I want to hear where you put the damn litter box and if it's working for you.

2. My sister painted her bathroom and HATES the color. I think she should repaint if she hates it. She doesn't want to repaint. Someone who I thankfully don't know recommended sponge painting (ugh) over it. If you have any decent suggestions I'm sure she'd appreciate it.


  1. 1. I love the decal, but without even asking I can tell you that D wouldn't. Keep it! :)
    2. Our litter box is in what is supposed to be a broom closet. I hate it. Someday our laundry room will be closed off from the garage, and when it is, we'll put the litter box in there. There's really no good place for a litter box.
    3. I'm dying to know what this horrid paint color is. Can it be covered with cool art or something?

  2. So - I actually think sponging can look cool if you do just the tiniest color off the original - not like 80s style contrast, but like, say you have an overly bright banana base, maybe a maize hue would work better. Just working off whatever color is there. Plus it's easier, way easier, than doing the whole drop-cloths, everything from scratch again. PLUS...you can do it in chunks as you make the time for it.

  3. Oh - btw - I thought your box was in a great location. Made me wish I had a second bathroom. Either that or the mudroom, which is more obvious. Rebekah's right. No place is 'good'

  4. Litter boxes suck. What about the cellar? Problem there is that sometimes cats confuse the dirty/musty floor with another place to go potty. I've decided that once old Sid goes to kitty heaven, I will never have another litter box. Either no more cats, or outdoor pottiers only.

    As for the horrid paint color, tell her to just suck it up and repaint it. Life's too short to stare at something you hate.

  5. Wow, I sound cranky this morning! On a positive note, I love the chalkboard decal, and plan to write something naughty there soon. And I'm inspired by your new coat hook/shelf/storage box area.


I hope you say nice things, but if you don't, I'll get over it eventually.