October 13, 2010

New Gadgets!

I've been doing some Amazon.com ordering, which is always a dangerous undertaking. This time, though, I'm justifying it by purchasing cleaning appliances.

First up is the Bissell Steam Mop. Steam mops are great because they work with just hot water (no overly stinky solutions!) and work really well.

This was recommended by my friend Kristen, who is a house cleaner, and knows her shit. This runs about $70. The mop heads are machine washable, and the replacement filters are easily purchased and inexpensive.

Second is the Dirt Devil Bagless Canister vacuum. An upright vacuum is frustrating in a house with carpeted stairs. In addition to that, our vacuum doesn't have a proper stair attachment. After using my friend Kristy's canister vacuum while cat sitting, I was sold. It comes with loads of attachments and a retractable cord for $124.

It arrives tomorrow, and for once in my life, I can't wait to vacuum.

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