October 27, 2010

Let's Put Our Heads Together: The Case of the Yellow Bathroom

My sister Jen graciously agreed to allow me to post a couple of photos of her yellow bathroom for discussion and debate.

I'm putting the picture under the cut because I can't bear to have it on the front page. (Pictures and my thoughts/suggestions below.)

This, my friends, is "I took too many vitamins, and behold, here is my urine." Here is the actual paint chip:

Glidden, Canary Song
So-- before I make my suggestions, here is what I see as the issue with this color. It's perfect for a naturally lit room. It's bright, sunshiney and cheerful-- what she wanted. However-- for her bathroom, which doesn't appear to get tons of natural light, it doesn't work. The already yellow lighting from the bulbs is just intensifying something that should be breezy and cheerful and making it look like... pee.

How does she get breezy and cheerful in an unnaturally lit room? Here are my thoughts:

Glidden, Pool Party
She should avoid jewel tones because whatever is put on that wall will just be intensified by the lighting. Plus, the texture of the wall doesn't really support anything too glossy or BAM! Pool Party would be great with some white or natural accessories (rugs, towels). It would certainly bring the cheer without the pee. And, she could feel like she's back on the Cape (where we grew up) even though she's in New Mexico.

My other suggestion doesn't scream cheerful, but it would require just the right accessorizing.

Glidden, Polished Pewter
Some awesome turquoise and silver decorations could really put her bathroom into the cheerful and sophisticated zone.

So... what do you think? She's using Glidden paints, so feel free to check out their website and hit us with your color suggestions.

Jen and I thank you in advance!


  1. I had a similar bathroom problem and I used a turquoise not unlike Pool Party. Tina is right, the lack of natural light is the issue and cool colors do best. I would also suggest painting the ceiling a shade variation of whatever color goes on the walls.

  2. Yow! I don't know if there's any way around just painting over it. Been there! Love that Pool Party color. Our bedroom is a similar shade and it's really nice - it has an ocean-y feel to it.

  3. My vote is for Polished Pewter. Do it soon, that pee color might drive you nuts.

  4. She is reluctant to repaint. I am mad at her for that.

  5. i like polished pewter, too. She should repaint, damn it. That canary stuff is just wrong.


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