October 9, 2010

The Bathroom Do-Over, AKA Surprise, Neale!

After about 18 hours of painting the laundry room and adjacent downstairs bathroom, I decided at some point that the bathroom needed a complete overhaul. Since Neale is in Europe for a week, it seemed like the perfect time to have the room be in a consistent state of disarray.

It's a half bath, recently converted from a full bath. It's a decent size for a bathroom, and it probably sees more use than the upstairs full bathroom because of it's central location. For this reason, it takes priority over the rooms upstairs which need some love.

Here's the task list:
  • Paint walls, touch ups
  • Repaint vanity (white), remove old hardware, install new hardware
  • Change out toilet seat
  • Curtain + hardware
  • Rug
  • Wall decor
Here's what it looked like before:

And, just to give you an idea of the layout, here's a poorly illustrated diagram:
And without further delay... the bathroom now...

Here's the total cost breakout:
  • $30 paint (Aubuchon -2 quarts of Benjamin Moore Color Preview Collection in Eclipse, flat finish)
  • $0 primer, sandpaper (my basement)
  • $40 rug (World Market)
  • $36 chalkboard wall decal (Wall Candy Arts)
  • $20 sheer curtain panel (World Market)
  • $19 picture frame (World Market)
  • $5 picture printing (CVS)
  • $17 curtain rod (Home Depot)
  • $18 toilet seat (Aubuchon)
  • $6 hinges (4) (Home Depot)
  • $4 door knobs (2) (True Value)
  • $13 towel ring (Target)
  • white shelf (left behind by previous owners) 
  • candle (leftover from housewarming party 
...for a grand total of: $208. Not too shabby. What do you think?


  1. Holy wow!! Beautifully done I say! One note? Perhaps the frame with the pictures could come down 3 inches?Or maybe just 2? But again, just loverly!..

  2. Thanks HH, Dani and Jennifer!

    Dani-- Remind me to give you some tips I learned when you undertake your vanity repainting.

    Jennifer-- It's hard to see in these photos, but the ceilings are pretty high! 2-3 inches lower would put it at my shoulders-- and I'm only 5'4. So too low for the height of the walls. ;)

  3. Gorgeous! Awesome job and I'm totally in love with that rug!!!

  4. Great color. It makes a huge change.


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