September 22, 2010

New Starts

(Yes, I changed my blog design. Again. This is the last time for a while, I promise. I'm quite pleased with colors, and I would be remiss if I didn't note that the background color is roughly the same color as my house.)

This past weekend, Neale's dad came to visit and bring us some plants. Since we inherited a decent flower bed from the previous owners, they just weeded out some dead stuff and put some new stuff in. It's behind the house, right in the sunlight.

Here is some new flower I don't know the name of.

In the front yard, there is another small bed of flowers by the sidewalk. Coincidentally, Neale's dad brought us some of the same flowers we already had, so they just plopped them right into the adjacent ground.

The bees like them, too.
And oh boy, do I love that dusty rose color.

Here's a picture of Neale's dad, checking out the sunlight or the gutters or both:

Check out the cat nip!
He brought us a catnip plant, too, which hopefully won't encourage the neighbor's cat to come over an poop in our yard. Again. Yeah-- that happened. We call her "Squirrely," and she also likes to dig up our mulch.

Anyway: the area where Neale's dad is standing will eventually be a walkway to the back door. It was clearly prepared for that, just never finished. We can't quite agree on what material to use. Maybe granite

Neale's brother brought our niece for a visit, and she provided some welcome post-planting entertainment.

"Meash!" (More please)

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