September 20, 2010

I'm Doing You a Huge Favor Here.

Here is a tip for you that I cannot stress enough. CANNOT. STRESS. THIS. ENOUGH. (I'm using extra punctuation. That means I'm serious.)

I am going to say this one time. And then I will tell you why.

Do you have pets? This is important. Before you move into your new house or apartment, BOMB IT. By "Bomb it," I don't mean make it explode, I mean get some serious pesticides and chemicals, detonate the canister, and leave your house for a few hours. Make sure that those bombs get rid of ALL STAGES of fleas, and also cover ear mites and other litter buggers.

Now I will tell you why this is IMPERATIVE, and why you should never skip this step.


Not me personally, of course. But my cats have them. Prior to moving to our house, we never had this problem. Not one scratch at the ears, really, or anywhere else for that matter.

But since we moved here, that's changed. The previous owners had animals, and those animals clearly had some issues. I say "issues," but what I mean is they must have been flea-ridden with grimy, buggy ears. Miserable little beasts. Because that's what my cats have become.

Thankfully we started FrontLine just in time to catch the fleas (about a month ago), and the ear mite meds this weekend. FrontLine is expensive, and it needs to be applied at least 9 months out of the year. And the ear mite meds? Cats don't like getting liquid in their ears. We have to do what we call a "catch and release" with Wilbur, because he senses the minute I just think about getting the drops from the counter.

Our next step is to bomb the house, but to do that we have to hang out with the cats in the car for a couple of hours (sounds like a blast, right?) and turn the gas off so the house doesn't explode.

So what I'm saying is this: Before you move, CHEMICALS. CHEMICAL THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR NEW ABODE.

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