September 15, 2010

Help me Choose!

Tonight I consulted with my home decorators (read: my friends who come over to watch America's Next Top Model), and we decided that my living room rug should most certainly be eggplant.

After some thought about texture and what would work in the room, I like the idea of Jute. Jute is durable, which is great, but it's also very flat, and has a rougher look to it. It also just seems more modern to me.

Now, I found two great rugs at HomeDecorators.com, but I can't decide which one! I need your help, readers!

You see my conundrum immediately, right? No? Let me explain. Rug 1, the top rug, is the rug that I want. But, I'm cheap, so I started looking around on the site some more. Then I found Rug 2, which is also "eggplant" but is woven in such a way that some white peeps through, giving it an almost dotted appearance, and lightening the color of the rug overall. Bonus: It's about 1/2 the price!! But, not the exact color that I want.

I can't decide...so it's up to you. VOTE!

(There was a fancy poll here, and the results were 7 in favor of Rug #1 and 2 in favor of Rug #2. But it stopped working, so comment away.)


  1. I don't know. Cheap or pretty? I would go for the top one, but I know I'm more expensive! (I find the expensive is always more to my taste, not sure why!)

    I'm sure both would look excellent in your room as you always have such amazing taste in decorating. Good luck and let us know what you choose!

  2. After careful consideration, I'm going to have to go with door #1: the REAL eggplant.


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