September 26, 2010

Current Projects!

Right now, I waiting for my toilet to drain so we can remove it from the base and try to figure out where the clog is happening. WICKED EXCITING, I know. I thought that this little break would be a great time to explain what we're working on.

We chose colors for the laundry room and downstairs bathroom. We like the existing color palette in this house, but I wouldn't mind if it was a little more dramatic. I chose darker, muted colors in flat finishes. Normally for a bathroom I would choose a gloss or semi-gloss, but since it's a half-bath (no shower), I can get away with a flat finish. Most of the colors in this house are muted/greyed pastels, so I tried to stick with that.

I also started painting the natural wood floor of the laundry room. I'm going with white, for two reasons- 1. I don't want to sand the floor, and 2. I think it will look interesting, almost beach-house-ish. I primed, painted and polyurethaned one small area.

Once I fix this damn toilet, pictures will follow, I promise. Please think good, unclogged thoughts for us.

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