June 3, 2010

A few small tips

I know some peeps who are interested in buying houses, so I just want to share a few things I’m learning.
  1. Use cashier’s checks for your 1st & 2nd deposits, inspection fee and appraisal fees. Any time you need to write a check before closing, use a cashier’s check. Why? You get a copy of the check right away from your bank, and you don’t have to sit around waiting for the check to clear. For days I was equal parts nervous and thrilled to have an extra $900 in my checking account, only to realize, Oh Duh, that’s my appraisal and home inspection. My loan officer gave me this tip in regards to the 2nd deposit (a big one— $2,500) and I’m happy I listened.
  2. Accost people for boxes. I noticed new residents moving into our building last night. I smartly asked them to leave their boxes on our doorstep, and they were THRILLED to get rid of them. And now I’ll have more boxes than I need.
  3. Shop around for home insurance quotes, but be organized about it. Have copies of your current policies, and a copy of your MLS listing sheet ready to send or email out. Don’t be afraid to give them deadlines for turning around quotes. They want your business.

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