July 1, 2010

We’re In!

As of 1pm on June 30th, all of our stuff was here. Although I realized at some point before bedtime that I left some cabbage and beets in the drawer of the fridge in the apartment. But I digress. Professional movers are the best invention, hands down. Better than the wheel. Seriously.

After an epic battle with Verizon (YOU ARE AWFUL), I finally have internet, thank you Comcast (YOU ARE MUCH BETTER).

I’m currently taking a break. This morning I’ve been putting stuff away in between priming and painting the dining room table that I picked up at Salvation Army with Kristy. More on that table later.

So far, we love the big old porch. We chat out there a lot and can’t wait to have meals on it. We love the kitchen, the dishwasher and big pantry. I love the washer and dryer. I’ve done something like 6 loads of laundry— things like towels and blankets— things that were tricky to wash in the old place with coin-op machines.

We have a big, giant list of to-do’s. I spent $200 at Aubuchon Hardware yesterday. Neale has mowed the lawn.

We’re doing it!

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