July 20, 2010

Scary Stuff

Last night we finally found ourselves in a moment where we could sit down and toast our new home. Almost 3 weeks later.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. We spent the first week and a half not being home (Neale) or having panic attacks about paint thinner (Me).

The second week was spent putting stuff away in the sweltering summer heat.

And here, this third week, is the first week where we’ve felt like we actually LIVE HERE. It is not odd to open my eyes and wake up in our bedroom anymore. The porch is ours; it’s where we eat dinner and chat with friends and watch the rain.

Rufus is better, almost back to 100% normal, and things have places. “Where does this go?” is no longer answered with, “Where do you think it should go? I’m not sure.”

So we toasted to ourselves and our hard work. We toasted to the rain, the good dinner, and the good fortune.

(Our toasting glasses are from our wedding. They were gifts from our favorite landlords who let us get married on their beautiful property. If they were to ever break I would simply crumble.)

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