July 14, 2010

Aaaaaand we’re back.

Have you ever pureed cat food? And then tried to feed it to a 13 year-old cat using a turkey baster? Don’t.
Rufus is home! He spent 6 DAYS in the kitty hospital and we spent $4,400 making him better. There are some adjustments we are making to our schedules to accommodate his new routines (shots! Pepcid AC!).

For the most part he is tired and probably traumatized. Right now he has a poodle haircut gone wrong. We don’t care that he spends his days under the bed— we are just happy he’s home.

What does this mean for our house? A bunch. At least $800 of the $4,400 was earmarked for things like Removing The Giant Oil Tanks From the Basement, Patio Furniture, Support Poles in the Basement So the Porch Doesn’t Sag, Rugs, and more. Now, we have to re-focus ourselves on paying off the debt we just incurred and tackling the more FREE and CHEAP things, like new locks, painting walls and existing furniture, and putting the rest of our shit away. And we’re very much enjoying macaroni & cheese and hot dogs for dinner and entertaining ourselves by hanging out in the air conditioned bedroom and reading.

(Feel like donating to the Rufus Diabetes Debt Repayment fund? Email me.)

So that’s the update. Coming up in the next few days: The Great Dining Room Table Repainting Project of 2010 and the Master List of Shit We Want to Get Done.

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