June 20, 2010

Single Digit Excitement

We are down to exactly 9 days until we close on our house and move.

On June 29, I will get out of bed before 8am to sign more papers than humanly possible and obtain a giant pile of debt. It’s going to be awesome. I should bring coffee, no?

That afternoon, I’ve invited friends and family over to sage away any bad mojo from the previous owners and clean as much as possible before the next day. At 9am on June 30, the movers arrive, and we will officially LIVE THERE that evening.

We are thankful for the extra day to move + clean, Neale’s brother and sister-in-law for taking an entire day off to help us, and Kristy for helping us pack, and use her yard for a tag sale.

I’ve had a cold all week, and it’s finally let up enough that I can sleep through the night and I have enough energy to pack boxes when I get home. Neale is going to be entertaining a bunch of Dutch students while we move, but we’ve got everything well planned.

We are feeling really excited, lucky, and thankful. On July 2nd, we will celebrate 5 years of marriage in our new home. We will drink some champagne and maybe grill some food. We’ll sit on the porch and watch cars.
And we’ll keep looking forward.

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