June 15, 2010

A Less-Hesitant Guided Tour

If we’re friends on Facebook you’ve probably seen the realtor’s photos, and because I’m excited because we’re about to find out our closing date (!!) I’m sharing them again. This time, with 100% more captions and 44% less trepidation.

This is the kitchen. I call it the “Jealousy Kitchen,” because it makes most people jealous when they see it. All of those delicious appliances are ours. That stove is some super fancy model that Neale got all geeked out about. I’ll just be excited to have a timer attached to the stove. And also! THE DISHWASHER. I literally choked up (and still do) when I think about that. I mean, Hello Betty Draper, could I be more domesticated?

This is the dining room looking into the living room. That awesomely danish-modern light fixture is mine, too. Which is good, because I hate thinking about light fixtures. This will be the first dining room where we haven’t also crammed in Neale’s Giant Record Collection (he wants them in the office), so I am really excited to buy a credenza. A credenza! Don Draper, hold me.

Here is the hallway and staircase. Typically I hate carpet, but look, this is Barbie’s Dream House, AND I LOVE THE CARPET COLOR. It’s like a slate-grayish blue, and it ends at the top of the stairs, so huzzah for that.

Here is an oddly-faded picture of the bedroom. Yes, that is a nicely-sized bump-out window. (Look at me! Using architectural terms! I had a stint at an architectural firm! I’m allowed!) The walls are actually a very dark brown. The ceramic cherub does not come with the house, fortunately.

These are the rooms that are going to stay pretty much the same. Once we move in I’ll do a separate post on the rooms that will be updated.

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