May 28, 2010

Totally Going Against My Last Post

So I might have purchased some furniture. Just some small, light things, that easily fit into a sedan. DON’T JUDGE ME. When I buy something from this point on, please be sure to remind me that I’m adding an extra 10 minutes to my moving time. Which in dollars, translates to roughly $18.33 in moving costs.

Let’s move on from this practical conversation to OMG!*&^!@! I love what I bought. I’ve asked my BFF Kristy to come along on my shopping adventures, because 1.) She gets my style— I barely have to explain it, and 2.) Homegirl has VISIONS. She has visions of what could be, with a little paint and some spare change. (We have some work to do in regards to lighting— I’m a bit stupid when it comes to that. So she has some prodding and convincing to do.)

We made the rounds at the antique stores in Northampton. There were some winners, and some with the over-powering scent of cigars. The big winner, the Best Store Ever, goes to Sticks & Bricks. I could shop there for all of eternity. Liz puts a lot of love, effort and inspiration into her reclaimed furniture.

(I am storing these items in our garage until we’re ready to move, hence the weird dusty cement floor and asphalt.)

Here’s our new Lane side table. I didn’t look underneath to see when it was made.

Liz, the owner of Sticks & Bricks, added this sweet handle.

It looks like a pair of glasses to me, which I find incredibly charming.

And here is a little end table. Liz etched the roses into the top. Could you just die?

And how ‘bout those mid-century modern lines?

They make my pulse race.

In one of my many books— I think it was Apartment Therapy’s Real Homes Real People— I saw vintage TV trays. I thought, “How darling. Want.”

Kristy has been talking about a consignment store in Greenfield called Carried Away. And lo, for $4, a total score—

I’m envisioning this as a side table on the 2nd floor porch.

And I bought one or two detail pieces, and even a small lamp. But I’ve gotta save something for later!

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