May 27, 2010

Small Things

Because we haven’t actually signed papers on the house yet, I’ve resigned myself to purchasing small things.

Currently, our living room has an entire wall of built-in bookcases. These are dreamy. Our TV tucks in quite nicely and it handily holds all of our books, DVD’s, and some assorted bric-a-brac.

But, when we move into this house we’ll need big things. Things, such as, but not limited to: bookcases, a TV stand, dining room furniture, patio furniture, comfy chairs for the sun porch, a lawn mower, etc etc etc. I’m currently poring over craigslist.com, but it’s sort of silly to buy anything because, as mentioned, we don’t actually own the house, and we’d have to move the furniture twice.

So, I’m buying details. I love details. You’ll see a lot of them here.

First up is this square melamine plate from Target. It was $1.94, and I bought 2. I originally thought I would use them as cat food plates, but I think they would make great trays for a hallway (keys, change, etc.) or on my husband’s dresser. Plus, they are melamine, which makes them a bit more durable for such matters.

Square Plate

Have you ever been to Christmas Tree Shoppes? I’m pretty sure they are unique to New England, but they are basically a giant discount store. Much cheaper than Wal-Mart, with all sorts of factory seconds and super cheap lamps, end tables, curtains and kitchen items. That said, most of the stuff there is cheap, but on occasion I find those sturdy detail items that I can always use. Behold, a cracker jar.

cracker jar

I have 2, and paid $1.29 for each. At a Target, these would cost $4.99, minimum. The stainless steel cover will coordinate perfectly with the stainless steel appliances. VICTORY IS MINE!

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